Callie & Felix



Callie and Felix are mother and son who are to be homed together. Callie is a young cat, 1 to 2 years of age, and still very kittenish. Felix was born in October and is a sweet little boy.

Callie was taken in as a stray by a local vet in early October. A few days later she gave birth to five kittens. Our fosterer has been looking after the family since then.

Callie and Felix are particularly fond of each other and complement each other’s personalities. Callie is very lively and will need a family that can entertain her with lots of play. After 12 weeks indoors raising her brood she is ready to run around a garden and chase leaves. Felix is utterly adorable; he loves to explore and have head nuzzles.

Callie and Felix require a family that is experienced with lively cats and can give them a lot of physical interaction. Callie and Felix must be the only pets and in a home with no children.

If you would like more information about Callie and Felix, please contact our adoption co-ordinator Ros Pegorini:

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