Wesley is a young cat, 2 years of age. He is very friendly and affectionate and thrives in company. He was raised as a housecat but would benefit from having a home with a garden. He likes to play and run around, so needs space for his physical and emotional well-being.

He requires an adult family that can devote time to his needs. He is friendly but can suddenly change as he is scared of strange noises and people. He likes to be in constant contact with his family, sleeping in the same bedroom or sharing a sofa during the day.

Wesley requires a family that is experienced with cats as they will need to help him through his triggers and help him with his stress behaviour. Wesley is a lovely cat in need of a very quiet, nurturing environment.

Wesley has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He would need a home with no children or other pets. He prefers female human company.

If you would like more information about Wesley, please contact our adoption co-ordinator Ros Pegorini: rosannapegorini@hotmail.com