Please microchip your cat!

A few weeks ago a lovely senior cat, Ginger, was brought in to us after being spotted, bedraggled and hungry. Thankfully, his owner’s daughter saw our post about him, and Ginger is now safely back at home.

This story has a happy ending, but far too often similar stories don’t. Every day, Cats Whiskers Rescue, other rescue groups and vets, take in cats that are obviously someone’s pet, but rarely make it home because they are not chipped.

We also regularly get messages from desperate owners whose cat has gone missing. Too often, the cat is not chipped or the details have not been updated.

So much distress for the cat and heartache for the owners could be avoided by microchipping ( and keeping details up to date. )

Microchipping is a very simple, low-cost, painless procedure. Your cat will not notice the chip once it is in place. Get it done!