National Black Cat Day

Today is National Black Cat Day. Why celebrate these cats in particular? Sadly, many people still view black cats as unlucky or are associated with the occult. The increasing popularity of Hallowe’en with its black cat motifs only makes the situation worse. Black cats in rescue centres are often the last to be adopted, regardless of age and temperament.

Instead, let us celebrate our mini panthers! Sleek or fluffy, our ebony companions deserve the same love and respect as their more colourful siblings.

We currently have three black foster cats: Bonnie, Jack and Jill. If you would like to sponsor our special cats, please contact us.

Missing Cat in Hoddesdon

Happy News: Sansa has been found!
A cat has been missing for over a fortnight in Hoddesdon.

Her name is Sansa, and she is 17 months old. She is a tortoiseshell cat, half ginger, half black face, mix of black and ginger on her back and tail, white paws and belly. She is very quiet and very timid. She is easily picked up and will not scratch.Please contact via text or call on 0748 0868177 or Cats Whiskers Rescue on 07878 803137.

Asda Token Collection

We have been selected by Asda Ware as one of three local good causes for their green token collection in October, November and December. Please remember to pop your green token into our box when shopping at Asda in Ware.  The charity that collects the most tokens will receive £500.

Thank you to Asda for supporting our cause.


Simba is a big soppy teddy bear.  He loves attention and has a wonderful gentle temperament. He is approximately two and a half years old and has been vet-checked, vaccinated and castrated.

Happy news: Simba has been adopted.


Harry was born in April and found as a stray in Edmonton.  He has been cared for by a fosterer since the beginning of August. Initially very timid and shy, he is now coming out of his shell.

Happy news: Harry has been adopted.

Ruby and Pearl

Ruby and Pearl are approximately eight months old and are siblings. They are currently with a fosterer and it is preferable that they be adopted together.

They are very timid but like affection from someone they trust.

They have been vet-checked and vaccinated, and are awaiting spaying.

Happy news: Ruby and Pearl have been adopted.


Jade is sweet and playful, an almost black tortoiseshell.  She was born in our rescue centre at the end of June.

She has been vet-checked and vaccinated and is ready to be homed.

Happy news: Jade has been adopted.


Diana was born in our rescue centre at the end of June. She is playful and inquisitive and likes to play hide and seek.

She has been vet-checked and vaccinated and is ready to be adopted.

Happy news: Diana has been adopted.