Happy news: Shadow has been re-homed.

Shadow is a very friendly black cat. He is a stray currently being fed by a kind family.

Shadow loves human company and very much wants to come in and have a cuddle. Unfortunately, he cannot be kept by his feeding family as their puppy does not get on with cats.

Shadow has been vet checked, deflead and wormed. He has not yet been neutered. He is probably about 5 years old.

Could you take him into your home before winter comes?


Happy news: Bobbie has been adopted.

Bobbie is a friendly 3 year old family cat. She is very good with children and used to a busy family home.

Bobbie likes to watch the world go by from her favourite chair in the house. She likes having a cuddle when you sit together and have a little chat.

Bobbie is spayed, up to date with vaccinations and regularly deflead and wormed.

Bobbie is very much loved by her family, but cannot be kept due to a change of circumstances.

Bobbie is with our fosterer.


Happy news: Luna has been re-homed.

Luna is a very affectionate 20 year old housecat. Sadly, her owner passed away last month, so Luna is looking for a new home.

Luna is deaf so must be kept indoors. She is spayed.

She is a direct re-home.

If you could give Luna a home in her last years, please call us.


Happy news: Ruby has been adopted.

We are looking for someone special to give Ruby a forever home.

Ruby is sweet and affectionate with people she knows, and loves playing with her toy mouse and her scratching post. She is shy, and needs to be given plenty of time and space. We are looking for someone who is familiar with cats, who will be patient and allow Ruby to make friends with them when she is ready.

Ruby was abandoned a few months ago and we have been looking after her since then. She has really come out of her shell in her foster home, but she does still need to be cared for on her own terms.

Ruby needs a home that is peaceful and quiet, with no children or other cats or dogs. She has been spayed and vaccinated. She is about ten years old.


Happy news: Simba has been re-homed.

Simba is a playful 9 month old kitten. He enjoys running around after his toys. He is a gorgeous ginger tabby with traditional markings.

He is used to children and having lots of cuddles with them.

He his indoors most of the time but likes to play in the garden, too.

Simba is a direct re-home.


Happy news: Storm has been re-homed.

Storm is an elegant 3 year old cat. She is a very loving cat and is an excellent companion to the owner’s young daughter.

Storm is very patient, and is happy to be hugged by a child she trusts.

Storm spends most of her time indoors, but likes a nosey around the garden.

Storm has been spayed. She is a direct re-home.

Found Cat

This cat has been found in the Abel Smith school area of Hertford.

The cat is very friendly and used to humans.

If you have any information about this cat, please call us.


Happy news: Tilly has returned home.

Tilly has gone missing from Hertford Heath. She was last seen in the evening of 1st August.

Please phone us or call 01992 581994.


Happy news: Cali has been adopted.

Cali is a shorthaired calico cat, approximately a year old.

She was found wandering alone, but was luckily taken in by a friendly vet practice. Cali has been spayed, microchipped and deflead.

Cali loves attention, and has thoroughly enjoyed the fuss with her new friends. She is an adorable, lovely young cat.

Cali is a direct re-home from the vet in North London.