Otis - a cat for rehoming

Happy news: Otis has been re-homed.

Otis is a much-loved 6 year old family pet, and is used to children of all ages. He likes a fuss and will cuddle up on your lap. Otis is a handsome, affectionate companion.

Otis has a full medical history at Companion Care vets, and is microchipped and neutered. He has no health problems.

His family have had to make the difficult decision of giving him away as he and one of their other cats do not get on.

Otis is a direct re-home. Please contact us if you can give Otis a forever home.


Leo - a kitten for adoption

Happy news: Leo has been adopted.

Leo is a 10 week old kitten. He and his siblings were born under a garden shed.

The kittens have been raised by our fosterers and will be ready for their forever homes at the end of November.

Leo is playful and inquisitive. He loves head nuzzles from people he trusts.

Leo has been vet checked and vaccinated.


Rusty - a cat for rehoming

Happy news: Rusty has been rehomed.

Rusty is two and a half years old and was vaccinated as a kitten. He has been neutered and chipped. He loves to play in the garden and is used to children.

Sadly, Rusty’s current owner cannot take him to her new accommodation as it does not allow pets.

Rusty is a young cat who would love to find a new family.


Whiskers - a cat for adoption

Happy news: Whiskers has been rehomed.

Whiskers is a much-loved 4 year old cat. She currently lives with her family, but as they are moving to a flat they can no longer keep her.

Whiskers is used to children and dogs, and has a lovely personality. She enjoys playing in the garden.

Whiskers is a direct re-home. Please contact us if you would like more information.


Happy news: Marbles has been adopted.

Marbles is our gorgeous, extra fluffy black-and-white boy. He is approximately 2 years old. He came to us as a stray, having been fed and cared for by a couple for a short while.

Marbles has a lovely personality and would be a great companion for the right person.

As a long-haired cat he will need owners who can care for his grooming needs.

He is neutered, vet-checked, de-flead and wormed.


Ian - a cat for adoption

Happy news: Ian has been adopted.

Ian is a cuddly, affectionate big boy. He is a young cat, approximately 18 months old, and absolutely loves human company.

We found him as a stray and he had had a tough time of it. He had probably belonged to someone in the past as he adores being cuddled.

We have had him neutered and vet-checked. Could you give Ian a loving forever home?


Rory - a cat for adoption

Happy news: Rory has been adopted.

Rory is a gentle and affectionate 3 year old cat. He currently lives with our fosterer, and he loves having

cuddles with her young daughter. Storybook-time snuggles are the best thing in the world!

Rory would like to live in a house with outdoor access. He is neutered, vaccinated and vet checked.

Teddy and Patsy

Teddy and Patsy - two cats for adoption

Happy news: Teddy and Patsy have been rehomed.

Teddy and Patsy are gorgeous white Maine Coons. They are 4 year old sisters from the same litter. They are affectionate and playful, enjoying the sunshine in summer and being invisible in the winter snow.

Both cats are in good health, spayed, and due for their annual vaccinations. Patsy is deaf, but this doesn’t stop her from demanding extra cuddles and snuggles!

Their current owners are relocating and sadly cannot take them. The owners can provide details of the original breeder.

Teddy and Patsy - two cats for adoption

Teddy and Patsy - two cats for adoption

Tabby and Geri

Tabby and Geri - cats for rehoming

Happy news: Tabby and Geri have been rehomed.

Tabby and Geri are ten-year-old sisters, and need to be rehomed together. They always sleep curled around each other, but do enjoy a good play fight. They would prefer a quiet home with no children. They have never been housed with other animals.

They have both been spayed and vaccinated. They were health-checked on 9th February, and passed with flying colours.

Geri - a cat for rehoming
Tabby - a cat for rehoming


Milly, a cat looking for a new home

Happy news: Milly has been adopted.

Milly is affectionate, gentle and patient. All she needs is a quiet, loving home. She would be happy as either an indoor cat or as an indoor/outdoor cat.

Milly is very special. After being mistreated by her previous owner, she has quickly blossomed, adoring head nuzzles, thriving on kindness and companionship. She is approximately 4 years old, vet checked and vaccinated.