Happy news: Roger has been adopted.

Roger is a lovable one year old cat. He is a gentle giant who thrives on playtime and nuzzles. He is a real sweetheart who adores attention.

Roger loves his dangler toy and catnip mouse. He might like a family with another young cat for lots of playtime.

Roger would like a family that can play with him, and live in a house with outdoor access.

Roger is neutered and has had his first vaccination.


Happy news: Bobby has been adopted.

Bobby is a big fluffy boy. He is 4 years old. He is a big softie, and would like a family that can care for his thick coat as well giving him lots of cuddles.

Bobby would like a quiet home with access to a garden.

Bobby is neutered and has had his first vaccination.

Duke & Daisy

Duke and Daisy together

Happy news: Duke &Daisy have been re-homed.

Duke and Daisy are very loving and affectionate cats. They are around 3.5 years old, and probably siblings as they were rescued together as kittens.

We would like them to find a new home together as they are best friends, and Duke (a bold cat) tends to look after Daisy (more shy)!


Daisy is a tortoise shell: quite small, pretty markings and very dainty. She is a little bit shy, and takes a little while to get used to new people. However, once she has gotten to know you she is the most affectionate cat and loves to curl up on a lap for cuddles. Daisy is quite a homebody and likes to relax in the house.

Daisy is spayed, vaccinated and chipped.


Duke is bold, adventurous, inquisitive: he loves to sit on the top of the fence in the sun and survey the world. Duke is very playful and enjoys playing with his toys – the mouse-on-a-string is a particular favourite. Duke is a very affectionate cat, and loves chilling out on a lap and relaxing.

Duke is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Duke and Daisy would like a new home together that has access to a garden. They are a direct re-home.


Happy news: Tilly has been adopted.

Tilly is a very gentle, affectionate 10 year old cat.

Tilly is quite timid, but loves to play with people she knows. Her favourite game is chasing her toy fish around the room.

Tilly would appreciate a peaceful home with no young children or other animals. She would like a family that can gently encourage her confidence with play and nuzzles.


Happy news: Ernie has been adopted.

Ernie is a lovely young tabby cat, only a year old.

Ernie is a very friendly, confident cat who enjoys playing and nuzzling. Ernie has a lovely personality, and is great company. Ernie is used to dogs.

Ernie is very much loved, but his owner is not allowed to keep him in her current accommodation.


Happy news: Toby has been adopted.

Toby is a very handsome young cat, not yet 2 years old. He is a lovely, companionable cat, seeking a new home.

Toby would like a quiet, peaceful home with a garden. He would like a family that can give him lots of cuddles and head nuzzles. He is used to older children.

His current owners cannot keep him due to allergies in the family.

Toby is neutered.

Toby is a direct re-home.


Happy news: Millie has been adopted.

Millie is a beautiful 6 year old cat. She is a gentle companion who loves to play in her cat tunnel and chase the teaser wand. She is a happy cat and is an absolute delight for her foster carer.

Millie is a much loved pet, but her owners cannot keep her in their new accommodation.

Millie is spayed, vaccinated, deflead and wormed.


Ruby is a very sweet, gentle cat. She is about 10 years old.

Ruby’s story is heartbreaking. She was taken to the Vet by her owners who wanted her to be PTS. They were moving and not taking her with them. The Vet refused to PTS a healthy cat, so the owners dumped her. The Vet called us, and we gave Ruby an emergency place at our cattery.

Ruby deserves so much more in life. Could you give this lovely cat a real forever home?


Happy news: Tina has been adopted.

Tina is a gorgeous fluffy 10 year old cat. She loves playing in the garden and having attention from her humans, both adults and children.Tina really enjoys having her coat brushed – a necessity for a long-haired cat. Her new family must be ready to groom her regularly.Tina came into our care as her owner sadly passed away. She was adored by her previous owner, and would make a lovely, playful companion for her new owners.


Happy news: Harry has been adopted.

Harry is a truly lovable big boy. He is about a year old, and a real softie.

He came into our care from one of our volunteers who had been feeding him. Harry may have started life as a stray, but he is now very much a family pet. Harry loves company, and enjoys nuzzles from our fosterer’s young daughter.

Harry is neutered and microchipped.