Topcat has been missing since June 2021, but has been spotted in Cock Lane, Hoddesdon and Pembridge Lane, Broxbourne.

He has a white patch on his chest shaped like a lightning bolt, four white paws and white whiskers. He has been microchipped.

Please call 07399 636 787 or 07730 666 464, or contact Cats Whiskers Rescue, if you have any information about Topcat.


On September 2nd our lovely friend Lemmy went missing from Wormley, High Road, EN10.
He is an 18 month old male, neutered but not microchipped. At the time he went missing he was wearing a black collar with a magnet for the cat flap ( the collar may now be lost.)

Please, if you have seen Lemmy or know anything about him, text 07857466554, or contact Cats Whiskers Rescue.


Bijoux has been missing for 14 days from Roydon High Street.

She is approximately 13 years old.
She has a harlequin neopolitan stripe down the centre of her nose. Her eyes are amber gold – or on an overcast day may appear to have a greyer appearance.

Due to historical accidents she may be limping or walking awkwardly. She likes to climb trees and bask in Roydon church graveyard. It is possible that she may have wandered further from her usual hunting spots.

She is chipped and spayed.

Please call 07572367003 if you have any information, or contact Cats Whiskers Rescue.


Milo went missing from Wareside cattery on 5th August. He managed to escape from his carrier as he was being taken into the cattery.

He may be trying to get to his home in Much Hadham Road, about 5 miles away from the cattery. He has a very distinctive swirl stripe on his coat.

If you have any information about Milo, please contact 07920 022 985 or Cats Whiskers Rescue.


Tigger is a 2 year old boy and is very friendly, he is medium/large and has long fluffy black fur with brown/bluey tint. He has a small indent scar on his right ear. He is microchipped.

He went missing from Highfield farm in Hertford on Tuesday 3 August. He usually goes outside but has never been gone for more than 16hours.

Please contact 07800964516 or Cats Whiskers Rescue if you have any information about Tigger.


Wassim is an Arabian Mau, white with brown markings and spots. He is around 3 years old, and has a distinctive clipped ear. He escaped on Friday 23rd July in Ware SG12 9LY.

He has been spotted in gardens and on roofs and sheds each night since he escaped. He is afraid and is trying to get home. He is chipped and neutered.

Please contact Cats Whiskers Rescue if you have any information about Wassim.