Young male cat

A young, unneutered male cat has been found in Hertford Heath. We collected him yesterday ( 20th June ), and have been looking after him.

Please contact us if you think this may be your cat.


Fluffy went missing from Bengeo, Herts., a fortnight ago.

Fluffy is 8 years old. He does not have a microchip and does not wear a collar.


Cooper - a lost cat
Cooper went missing from Kingham Road, Wareside, on 26th April. A cat matching his description has been spotted in the Kingshill area of Ware. Please let us know if you have seen Cooper in Wareside or Ware, or surrounding areas.

Cooper is a tall, slender, ginger tabby. He has distinctive ginger and blonde markings.


Horus - a lost cat

Horus has been missing since Thursday 2nd May. He disappeared near the canal between Watford and Croxley.

Horus has one eye missing and is shy of humans.

If you have any information about Horus, please let us know.


Bucky - a missing catBucky has been missing from Turnford since 12th April.

He is a 2 year old neutered male, jet black and stocky build.

He is chipped.


Fluffy went missing almost a year ago in the area of the Jolly Fisherman in Stanstead Abbotts. She is a very fluffy long-haired tabby with a white bib. She is chipped. If you have any news of Fluffy, please contact us.

Stray: Stanstead Abbotts

A stray cat is in the Folly area of Stanstead Abbotts. It has been around for several weeks and seems desperate to find a home.

It is very friendly. It is very fluffy black with some brown colouring.

Could someone have moved away and left the cat behind?

If you have any information, please contact us immediately. Several cats have gone missing in the area: its life may be in danger.


Sophie - a lost cat

Sophie is missing from Clarks Close on the Kings Hill estate, Ware.

Sophie is a small, short-hair black cat and is micro chipped.She has been missing since Friday, 8th March. She has been missing since Friday, 8th March. Any information please call 07974 312076, or contact Cats Whiskers Rescue on 07878803137.

Sophie - a lost cat


Max, a black cat, was reported missing this morning. He has been missing for 24 hours. He is 3 years old and chipped.

He went missing in the Hoe Green Lane area of Little Berkhamsted.