Do you know of a cat in need?

Winter is rapidly approaching. The cold, wet and frosty weather leaves stray cats and kittens at risk of exposure. The long, dark nights mean they are at greater risk of being run over by traffic. Winter is a horrible, harsh time for strays.

We currently have a few spaces available for cats and kittens in need. If you know of any cats that need a safe haven, please contact our adoption coordinator Ros Pegorini:

Would you like lots of cuddles?

Cuddles, nuzzles and full-on purrs are all yours when fostering. Fostering is hugely rewarding, from helping a bedraggled stray to cosseting a mum and kittens.

Fostering gives cats and kittens the opportunity to be loved and cared for whilst waiting to be adopted.

Our fosterers are supported by our experienced team of volunteers, and all approved costs are covered. Fostering can fit around your lifestyle, so you can have cats – or not – when convenient for you.

If you would like more information, please contact our adoption coordinator Ros Pegorini:

Thank you to all our supporters.

We would like to thank all of our supporters and volunteers for their hard work and generosity. We couldn’t save the lives of so many cats and kittens without you.

We had a lovely surprise this week when a friend of one of our fosterers donated a trolley-full of goods for our fundraising. Denise and Magpie Crescent Sainsbury’s, Stevenage, gave us the food after seeing our fosterer, Sharon, buying items for our stall in Ware Carnival.

We are always grateful for all donations, and out-of-the-blue gifts like this just shows how much we all love cats!

Temporary phone line number

Due to technical issues we have to temporarily change our phone number. Our new number is 07710 211421.

If possible, please email us with all enquiries as we only have a limited number of volunteers.

Can you help us?

We are in desperate need of fosterers: we cannot take in any cats at the moment as our waiting list for cats to be fostered is full.

The situation is particularly complicated at the moment as there is a shortage of vaccinations. This means that cats in our care cannot get vaccinated, and many would-be adopters are refusing to adopt cats that are not vaccinated.

Can you please help us by fostering during this crisis period?

Please microchip your cat!

A few weeks ago a lovely senior cat, Ginger, was brought in to us after being spotted, bedraggled and hungry. Thankfully, his owner’s daughter saw our post about him, and Ginger is now safely back at home.

This story has a happy ending, but far too often similar stories don’t. Every day, Cats Whiskers Rescue, other rescue groups and vets, take in cats that are obviously someone’s pet, but rarely make it home because they are not chipped.

We also regularly get messages from desperate owners whose cat has gone missing. Too often, the cat is not chipped or the details have not been updated.

So much distress for the cat and heartache for the owners could be avoided by microchipping ( and keeping details up to date. )

Microchipping is a very simple, low-cost, painless procedure. Your cat will not notice the chip once it is in place. Get it done!

Sasha and Senior Cats

A little while ago we were asking for fosterers to care for the lovely Sasha. As a senior kitty, it was unlikely that she was going to be homed and would need long-term foster care.

Thankfully, Sasha was homed, but we still need fosterers to care for cats like her.

Long-term fostering gives senior kitties the loving homes they deserve. Senior cats are often the best companions, wanting little more than lots of cuddles and a quiet place to sleep.

All of our fosterers are supported by our very experienced volunteers. The costs of caring for the cats is also covered by Cats Whiskers Rescue, such as litter and food. All authorized vet bills are also covered.

If you are interested in fostering, long-term or short-term, please contact us.