Storm is a beautiful 3 year old female cat. She has a loving and gentle personality. She feeds mainly on mice (she only eats at home when she doesn’t catch) and would really suit a farm or a property away from any roads.

She currently lives in a very quiet village with no main roads nearby so she’s had no experience with traffic or town life at all.

She doesn’t like babies/young children or other animals, but is very content with older children and adults. She loves a morning and evening cuddle before she heads out all night.

Storm is a direct re-home.



Mickey is a gentle, 9 year old cat. He loves the quiet life, sitting on the windowsill to watch the world go by.

He would be happy as an indoor cat as he rarely ventures outside. He likes to sit on top of the bookcase to survey his kingdom. He also loves to play: playing fetch with his ball is great fun.

Mickey loves his nuzzles, and will curl up next to you on the sofa. He needs peace and quiet as he can be a little nervous about noise. His current home is too busy as they are a young family.

He needs to find a quiet family that can play with him. Mickey would be best suited to a new home with no young children or other pets.

He has been neutered, vaccinated and chipped. He is a direct re-home.


Rodney is a friendly stray currently being looked after by a kind lady. He absolutely loves the comfort of being indoors, but still likes to go out into the garden to sunbathe.

Rodney would like a home with no other pets or young children. He needs a home with a safe outdoor space, and preferably access via a cat flap.

Rodney is approximately 5 years old, has been neutered and has had his first vaccination. He has a heart murmur so will need extra care if he has to have surgery. He is a direct re-home.

Ginger kittens

UPDATE: We are not taking any further enquiries for these kittens.

Here are two ginger boys that need to be homed. They will be 8 weeks on September 7th. They have had their first flea treatment and are eating and toileting well. They will be available for viewing soon.

They can be homed together or separately.

They are direct re-homes.

Olly and Polly

HAPPY NEWS: Olly and Polly have been rehomed.

Siblings Olly and Polly are looking for a new home together. They are 13 years old.

Olly is a beautiful white long-haired boy. Stretching out on his chair for a nice nap is the best thing in the world.

Polly is a stunning calico. She enjoys curling up with Olly for a snuggle. She likes to sunbathe in the garden on a summer’s day.

Both cats are shy and would like a quiet home with access to a garden. They are not used to children or other pets.

Both are neutered, vaccinated and chipped.

Hey are direct re-homes.



Bruno is a lovely 6 year old cat. He is a friendly boy who likes to be in the garden. He spends much of his time outdoors, so needs a home with safe space to wander.

Bruno would like a very quiet home with no other cats. His current owner would love to keep him, but the arrival of children means that Bruno is spending increasing amounts of time outdoors. Bruno likes his peace and quiet for a nap.

Bruno is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is a direct re-home.


Cleo is a shy housecat, approximately 9 years old. Sadly, her owner passed away at the beginning of the year, so Cleo is looking for a new home.

Her previous owner was an elderly lady, and Cleo would prefer a similar home again.

Cleo needs time to get to know her new home as she only trusts people she knows.

Cleo is a direct re-home.

Smokey and Bandit


Smokey and Bandit are very loving 15 year old brothers. They are lapcats who thoroughly enjoy human company.


The brothers would like a quiet home with access to a safe outdoor spot for sunbathing. They are mainly housecats, but do like to feel the sun on their fur on a fine day.

Smokey and Bandit need to be urgently rehomed. Their owner is moving into accommodation where cats will not be tolerated. They are at risk of being put to sleep simply because of their age.

Could you please give Smokey and Bandit a loving home? They are lovely companions who deserve a future with a new family.

Beau and Sid

Beau and Sid are much loved pets. They currently live on a houseboat, but sadly it will no longer suit their circumstances.

Beau is a beautiful tortoiseshell, but her failing eyesight means that living on the water is no longer safe for her. Beau needs to be a housecat. Poor eyesight does not limit her zest for life: she uses her hearing, whiskers and sense of smell to navigate her environment.

Beau needs a home that is well-ordered and a family that can keep a routine. Beau is approximately 12 years old. She would be best as a solo cat with no other pets or young children.

Sid is a lovely black cat, approximately 10 years old. He likes walking along the canal and head nuzzles.

His current mooring is changing, so it would be safer for him to find a new home. He would like a house with a garden. A spot in the sunshine for lounging would be be very nice indeed. He would prefer to be the only pet in an adult household.

Beau and Sid currently live together, but given their different needs they could be separated.

Beau and Sid are direct re-homes.



Jerry is a wonderful young Bengal, 1 1/2 years old. He adores human company. He likes nothing better than following his fosterer around the house, chattering away in his own inimitable way.

Jerry would be a lovely companion for a family that can give him lots of time. He likes to sit next to his human all day long, but is not a cuddly lap cat. He is intelligent and vocal, and might be suitable for clicker training.

Jerry loves to watch the world go by from the window. He even likes to watch the computer printer whirring away ( see video.)

Jerry would like a quiet home with adults who can keep him company. He would not be suited to a house with children or a lot of noise. He needs a house with a garden so that he can expend his Bengal energy.

Jerry has been neutered, vaccinated and chipped.