General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018, replacing the Data Protection Act 1998.

As a Charity, classified as a small business, we have to adhere to new rules relating to any personal data we hold, either electronically (e.g. tablet, computer, phone etc.) or manually.

Any personal data held by us has to have the consent of the individual at the time of data collection.

The following is a description of personal data held by us and why we need this information (the purpose) and who we disclose it to (outside of the Charity).

  • Information held with regard to cats taken into our care:

Name of the previous keeper, contact details, the date, a signature and the reason for taking the cat into our care.

This data is held in case there are any issues regarding the ownership of the cat, and also so that a potential adopter would have at least some history of the cat.

  • Information held with regard to adoption:

Name of adopter, contact details, date, the cat’s name and veterinary history where required.

This data is held for follow up checks on the cat/kitten and for our records.

  • Information held with regard to donations:

Name of donor, contact details, the date, amount, the type of donation, and whether gift aided.

This data is held to claim gift aid and to also identify the type of donation (e.g. cat sponsor, homing, taking in cat) for our data analysis.

  • Information with regard to membership applications and renewals:

Name, contact details, amount, whether gift aided and date.

This data is required for distribution of newsletter and follow up for membership renewal and also for claiming gift aid.

  • Cattery costs and other expenses;
  • The Charity volunteers’ details;
  • General contact details relating to the operational running of the Charity (e.g. fundraising events, supporting Charities and companies);
  • Other information held would be just name and phone number with regard to enquiries to the help line.



A         Data is disclosed to HMRC for gift aid claims.

B         A fosterer’s data or rescue cattery data may be disclosed (with the consent of the fosterer/cattery) to potential adopters, or when taking a cat into our care directly from the point of enquiry, e.g. a stray cat may need to go to rescue cattery or a fosterer direct.

We only hold the minimum data needed and all data is deleted when no longer required.


Data is only held by members of the committee, the Co-ordinator, the Secretary, and the website manager.


If any individual would like a copy of all data we hold on them please contact our Co-ordinator who is our Data Controller (Diane). It will be provided free of charge.