Poppy is now reserved 🙂

I am Poppy. I am almost one years old and as you can see a glorious cute black cat even if I do say so myself.

I am happy little girl but not friends with my fosterers other cats (they wind me up and I tend to growl at them…a lot!). That being said, I LOVE having human company, getting a lot of fuss and if you want to throw a ball for me, well that would be fabulous!!!. I will chase them and pick them up and carry them then sit on them or let you throw them again. If my friends were to describe me they would say I am affectionate, independent, playful and very sociable. I even like human children.

I am an indoorsy cat as I have to be on a special diet and cant go outside eating all manner to things. Thats becuase I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease which, thankfully is now under control. I have one steroid a day and I only eat Purina Hypoallergenic Dry Food. I have to admit I like to sit on the worktop in case I can catch a scrap or two that I shouldn’t have so keep an eye on me. I can’t have cat treats either which is really sad 🙁

But, if you have a patio and can keep an eye on me, that would be fabulous. Did I mention about throwing balls?