Simba and Pheonix

These two have now been adopted 🙂

Hi. We are Simba and Phoenix, brothers about 5 months old. Apparently we are good natured and playful kittens. Thats true but I would like to stress we both like lap time enjoying cuddles and tickles from our humans. We also love being outside chasing each other around so access to garden is a must. Of course being so close we come as a pair.

We are both healthy and very easy to please. We’ll eat anything, and particularly like Felix kitten food and biscuits at the moment. YUM!! To top it all, we have recently learnt how to use the litter tray, so add clever to the list.

If you think you would love a bit of Simba and Phoenix in your life, please contact our adoption coordinator Ros Pegorini: or download the adoption form.