Carlos has now been adopted 🙂

Carlos is the epitome of laid back. He is floppy, cuddly and kissy. He is talkative, playful and snores when he inevitably falls asleep on your lap. He moves with a graceful swagger, and his movements are always deliberate yet unhurried. Carlos is known for his love of lounging, a connoisseur of leisure, and his favourite pastime includes watching the world go by with a nonchalant gaze. He is a master of relaxation, and his peaceful presence has a calming effect on those around him.

Due to his relaxed demeanour he prefers to stay close to home. He’s fine around the young lady cats but can be bossy with some other cats.

Technical Bits: Carlos is approx 2 years old, Neutered and Microchipped.

If you think you can see Carlos taking his siesta in front of your fire then please download an adoption form or email our adoption coordinator Ros Pegorini