Taz went missing on Saturday, 8th August from New Road, Ware. He is a big, short haired cat. He is very scared and might be hissy.

Taz is chipped and neutered. He is 9 years old.

Please contact Cats Whiskers Rescue if you have any information about Taz.


We would like to thank all of our supporters during these difficult times. Your kind messages and donations mean the world to us. Your support means that we have been able to continue rescuing and rehoming cats and kittens in Broxbourne and East Herts.

We are very grateful for the support of Adoption for Pets and Pets at Home. The Summer Fundraising Appeal – Save our Rescue Centres raised £500. Thank you to our fab friends in Pets at Home and Vets4Pets, Hertford.



Psyche, a young female tortoiseshell, has gone missing from Quaker’s Graveyard ( behind Sainsbury’s. )

Please call 07544586041 or contact Cats Whiskers Rescue if you have any information about Psyche.

Beau and Sid

Beau and Sid are much loved pets. They currently live on a houseboat, but sadly it will no longer suit their circumstances.

Beau is a beautiful tortoiseshell, but her failing eyesight means that living on the water is no longer safe for her. Beau needs to be a housecat. Poor eyesight does not limit her zest for life: she uses her hearing, whiskers and sense of smell to navigate her environment.

Beau needs a home that is well-ordered and a family that can keep a routine. Beau is approximately 12 years old. She would be best as a solo cat with no other pets or young children.

Sid is a lovely black cat, approximately 10 years old. He likes walking along the canal and head nuzzles.

His current mooring is changing, so it would be safer for him to find a new home. He would like a house with a garden. A spot in the sunshine for lounging would be be very nice indeed. He would prefer to be the only pet in an adult household.

Beau and Sid currently live together, but given their different needs they could be separated.

Beau and Sid are direct re-homes.

Taz and Ruby

Taz is an affectionate 10 year old ginger male. Ruby is a snuggly 8 year old female tabby.

Both cats are good with children and would make lovely family pets. They could be homed together or separately.


Flo is a black / dark brown cat. She is pregnant. She went missing on 12th July from the Revels Road area of Bengeo. We are very concerned about her as she may soon be giving birth.

Please phone 07842 278999 or contact Cats Whiskers Rescue if you have any information about Flo.


Gizmo is a medium black cat with a small white tuft under her chin. She went missing on 21st July from Bengeo (Warren Terrace/ St Leonard’s Road area). She is 1.5 years old. Spayed and chipped.

Please contact Cats Whiskers Rescue if you have any information about Gizmo.



Jerry is a wonderful young Bengal, 1 1/2 years old. He adores human company. He likes nothing better than following his fosterer around the house, chattering away in his own inimitable way.

Jerry would be a lovely companion for a family that can give him lots of time. He likes to sit next to his human all day long, but is not a cuddly lap cat. He is intelligent and vocal, and might be suitable for clicker training.

Jerry loves to watch the world go by from the window. He even likes to watch the computer printer whirring away ( see video.)

Jerry would like a quiet home with adults who can keep him company. He would not be suited to a house with children or a lot of noise. He needs a house with a garden so that he can expend his Bengal energy.

Jerry has been neutered, vaccinated and chipped.



Boris is a very handsome 2 year old cat. He is a lively and energetic young cat who loves to hunt. He will need a home with a garden in which to run around. Climbing trees is the best thing in the world!

Boris enjoys a lot of structured play, especially the feathered wand.

Boris was in a serious road accident a year ago. As a consequence, he lost an eye. This hasn’t stopped him from living life to the full.

Boris would like a family that can give him lots of attention and wand play. He is best suited to a home with adults and no young children.