Boris is a very handsome 2 year old cat. He is a lively and energetic young cat who loves to hunt. He will need a home with a garden in which to run around. Climbing trees is the best thing in the world!

Boris enjoys a lot of structured play, especially the feathered wand.

Boris was in a serious road accident a year ago. As a consequence, he lost an eye. This hasn’t stopped him from living life to the full.

Boris would like a family that can give him lots of attention and wand play. He is best suited to a home with adults and no young children.



Jazz is a very shy 4 year old cat. He is friendly with people he trusts. He will need time to come out of his shell.

He would like a quiet home with no other pets. His owner has recently taken in a dog, so Jazz needs to find a new home.

He has been neutered and microchipped.

Jazz is a direct re-home.

Zaphod and Quorra

Happy news: Quorra and Zaphod have been rehomed.

Zaphod is a sweet, affectionate, goofy cat, approximately 9 years old. He still loves to play like a kitten. He adores being in human company and is always eager for ear scritches and belly rubs. He will (almost) never get tired of your attention!

Zaphod enjoys nothing better than snoozing near (or on) his humans on the sofa with his toy mouse. If he finds you in bed, he may request to join you under the covers! He would do best in a home without small children. He has been neutered, vaccinated, deflead, wormed and microchipped.

Quorra is a sweet, affectionate, timid cat, approximately 9 years old. She loves to sleep, and to be near her humans. She loves to cuddle and will often flop over for a belly rub. But if she sees a piece of string dragged on the ground, she goes on the prowl like a young kitten!

Quorra isn’t a fan of noisy gatherings, but as long as she has somewhere to retreat to (like a quiet bedroom) she will be fine and will come out for cuddles once the party is over. She would do best in a home without small children. She has been spayed, vaccinated, deflead, wormed and microchipped.

We are hoping to rehome him as a pair with his sister, Quorra, but will consider rehoming him on his own if needed.

Zaphod and Quorra are direct rehomes.


Freya is approximately 14 years old. She is a gentle, timid cat who would like a quiet home with a garden.

She is affectionate with people she knows, but would appreciate a home without children.

Freya is a direct re-home.


Happy news: Shadow has been adopted.

Shadow is an affectionate, loving cat, approximately 5 years old.

Shadow loves head rubs and company, but he doesn’t like too much fussing. He enjoys nothing better than snoozing on the sofa with his toy fish.

Shadow needs a quiet home with owners who will be caring and gentle with him. He would like a house with a garden.

Shadow will need to be a solo cat as he was unhappy being in a home with another cat. He has been neutered, vaccinated, deflead and wormed.


Happy news: Lottie has been adopted.

Lottie is a very sweet young black cat, approximately 3 years old. She is a pretty, long-legged cat.

Lottie loves a cuddle and is affectionate. She is good with older children. Lottie would like a home where she can have a snuggle and a cosy place to sleep. She would prefer to be a solo cat.



Happy news: Bella has been adopted.

Bella is a beautiful, long-haired 2 year old cat.  She is confident and friendly: she enjoys being played with. Bella loves to be cuddled. She is very good natured and has an easy temperament.

She is good with children, so may suit a family that can give her lots of attention.

Bella would like a home with a garden and a family that can care for her long coat.


Happy news. Molly has been re-homed.

Molly is a 15 year old housecat. She has poor sight. She is very friendly and adores human company.

Molly needs a quiet, organised home that can provide her with a peaceful, loving environment.

Molly is a direct re-home.


Happy news: Arthur has been adopted.

Arthur is a beautiful big tabby, 5 years old.

He loves to be stroked under his chin, gives enormous kisses and still plays like a kitten. He gets on with our fosterer’s cat, so could be homed with another cat.

He is very well behaved and clean and tidy with his littering. He has always had outdoor access so will need a home with a garden.

Although friendly, he is quite particular about where he is stroked, so a home with very young children would not be suitable.



Anvil is a very friendly 7 year old cat. She likes company and a comfy place to curl up on.

Sadly, her owner cannot keep her as his accommodation does not allow pets.Anvil is vaccinated and is a direct re-home.