Happy News: Fluffy has been rehomed.

Fluffy is a gorgeous 11 year old Persian. In the summer she likes to sit in the garden, but loves a warm lap in winter!

She and her companion, Smudge, have grown up in a family with a child and a British bulldog. The cats are very affectionate and would fit in easily into any home.

Fluffy is spayed and in good health.

Due to circumstances, Fluffy and Smudge have to be rehomed immediately. Please contact Cats Whiskers for further details.


Tiger - a cat for rehoming

Happy news: Tiger has been rehomed.

Tiger is a friendly 5 year old tabby.  Her owners have recently passed on, so Tiger is looking for a new home.

Tiger likes to play in the garden, and would be a lovely companion as she likes her cuddles. She is not very fond of other animals and would prefer to be the only pet in the household.

Tiger has been neutered, chipped and house-trained. Until this year she was vaccinated annually.

Please contact Cats Whiskers Rescue for further details as Tiger is being directly rehomed from her current carers.




Happy news: Carlos has been rehomed.

Carlos is a shy stray looking for a forever home. For the last few months he has been cared for and protected by a kind lady. Carlos is currently being housed in the lady’s home and is blossoming with care and attention. He is now very friendly with the people he trusts. Carlos would make a good companion for someone who can give him the love and patience he deserves.
Carlos has been neutered and is approximately 3 to 5 years of age. ( We originally thought Carlos was Caroline!)

Please contact Cats Whiskers Rescue for more details about Carlos as he is being directly rehomed from his current guardian. 


Koda a kitten for adoption

Happy news: Koda has been adopted.

Koda is a gorgeous long-haired 7 month old kitten.  He thrives on company and adores lots of attention.

He is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and has a full vet record.


China a kitten for adoption

Happy news:China has been adopted.

China is a sweet and shy kitten. She is approximately 5 months old and likes to play with those she trusts. She currently lives with our fosterer and gets on well with the other kittens in our care.

She has been vet checked and vaccinated and is awaiting spaying.


Bobby a kitten for adoption

Happy news:Bobby has been adopted.

Bobby is a playful 5 month old kitten. He is affectionate and loves to nuzzle.  Bobby currently lives with our fosterer, and likes to play with the other kittens in our care.

He has been vet checked, vaccinated and neutered.


Rocky, a cat looking for a new home

Happy news: Rocky has been adopted.
Rocky is a very friendly and affectionate 10 year old cat who loves people and adores tummy rubs. He likes lounging about in the garden on a sunny day. 

Rocky is very healthy, never having had any medical problems. He is neutered. 

He gets on with other cats, but likes to be top cat.

His owners recently passed away, so Rocky is looking for a new home. If you are able to offer Rocky a forever home, please contact Cats Whiskers.



Simba is a big soppy teddy bear.  He loves attention and has a wonderful gentle temperament. He is approximately two and a half years old and has been vet-checked, vaccinated and castrated.

Happy news: Simba has been adopted.


Harry was born in April and found as a stray in Edmonton.  He has been cared for by a fosterer since the beginning of August. Initially very timid and shy, he is now coming out of his shell.

Happy news: Harry has been adopted.

Ruby and Pearl

Ruby and Pearl are approximately eight months old and are siblings. They are currently with a fosterer and it is preferable that they be adopted together.

They are very timid but like affection from someone they trust.

They have been vet-checked and vaccinated, and are awaiting spaying.

Happy news: Ruby and Pearl have been adopted.